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Relevant website content drives activity and leads without spending a dime

You already have a website. Let’s focus on that website and the idea of relevant content that can make a big impact on how many people see and engage with your business. The question: Can you increase visitors, applications, and sales calls without spending a dime?

The answer is yes and the reason is content. By understanding how content effects search results and engagement, this article will hopefully encourage you to make some immediate changes.

Content and Search

Let’s start with content’s effect on search. People are searching online for auto loans, and/or vehicles in your area every day. How does your website show up in front of them? How do you know you are getting your “more than fair share” chance to present your dealership?

In Google and other online search sites, your dealership listing will be presented when the content of your website is most relevant to the term and phrases searched.

I have looked at hundreds of dealer websites. It appears that a lot of dealerships launched their new website with the standard setup and templated content offered by the provider. Now, fast forward a few years, and that website still has the same templated content.

So, knowing that content drives search results, it’s safe to say, that keeping your website with the same content just perpetuates the same traffic and activity day after day. Your current content may be limiting your exposure to new search traffic.

Content and Your Website

Your first task is to update the content on your website. Let’s start with defining content as the driver and actual words about your business strategy, what makes you different, and why should people do business with you?

Winning more activity is about connecting the dots with content and what the consumer is looking for. Ask yourself if your website tells the story that would truly connect you with your preferred audience.

Use the content management system (CMS) that comes with your website. The CMS can make it easy to add content, pages, creative, and concepts that you do not have today.

Remember, it’s not what you think looks good, but what Google thinks your content is relevant to the consumer’s search criteria. The more relatable content, the more opportunity you have for your dealership to show up in the search results.


Content Example

Here’s a great example. If you create a question and answer on your website about “How does your dealership get customers approved while other’s do not? Your answer may include something about how you look at other financial characteristics and have specific loan programs designed for bad credit.

This concept is then applied to search results. So, when the consumer searches for “How do I get approved for an auto loan with bad credit?” Your website content will help your business show up as a highly relevant website.

Your content should offer a real solution and information relevant to the search and thus increases your chance to engage with that consumer. The content then becomes confirmation of the right place to do business with and then your credit applications, vehicles inquiries, and phone calls increase.

After you do a few changes and adds, your website starts looking less and less templated and your dealership brand and vision looks more and more understood as a solution provider.

Content and Google My Business

In addition to search results, Google presents a variety of other products such as Google My Business, Google map listings (places), people also ask, images, videos, ads, related searches, and shopping options. Your goal is to be seen on as many of the products as possible.

Google My Business was designed to be Google’s primary click source for “local” retail searches. It is seamlessly designed into Google search and provides a summary profile of your business. Your Google My Business profile draws its content from your website and provides you administrative access to post and edit content.

Once again, content in Google My Business is all search relevant, and you will come up more prominently if you actively post content. I suggest posting your programs, specials, pictures, videos, and events.

Google My Business is typically the first asset to come up when using Google maps and conducting local retail searches. Searches for “Buy Here Pay Here dealers near me” will show your listing if the content from your website mentions “Buy Here Pay Here.” This is critical when most of the searches occur from a smart phone. Being on the first page or the top of page always results in increased activity.


Content and Mobile Design

Which brings us to the next important item with your website. Mobile Design. In a phone browser, your website content is condensed to fit into a much smaller space. It is so important that Google measures the speed and design of your website.  Google will rank your website and show the highest rated at or near the top of the page. This is critical on a mobile phone which conducts about 80% of the online searches today.

The better your mobile design, the more activity and conversion. I recommend that you audit your website on your phone. Click through your website and review it as if you are the consumer.

With mobile, everything is different, the images can be too big or too small, the content is too long, sections are out of place, and/or calls to actions not working. These are all elements that Google may limit your exposure if not working properly.

The key here is to quality control the mobile experience. Again, your CMS should be able to help you make some changes to the mobile experience. Especially, if you haven’t utilized it much.


Your website’s content holds a lot of weight to how well you perform online. Reestablish the support connection with your website provider and learn the CMS that comes with it. Write relevant content increasing your online search opportunity and correct the mobile experience. Also gain access to and update your Google My Business profile often. Remember that activity breeds activity whether that is responding to reviews, updating your services, and/or adding special offers.

Steve Neu
Founder of Pay Here Marketing
Specializes in BHPH Google Search, Websites, and Consumer Credit.

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